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SGX Sensortech VQ548MP MEMS Pellistor Series

SGX Sensortech, CDI
SGX Sensortech – VQ548MP
MEMS Pellistor Series

SGX, VQ548MPCDI introduces SGX Sensortech MEMS Pellistor Series VQ548MP. The VQ548MP is commonly, but not exclusively, used in industrial safety applications. It is a low power, extremely robust and poison resistant device in a certified flameproof enclosure.

The VQ548MP has been designed to provide enhanced sensor performance that will enable a suitable instrument to meet the various combustible gas performance standards.

The VQ548MP, whilst being optimized for its methane response (up to 5% volume in air), will also detect other flammable gases and vapors. (For further information please contact Component Distributors Inc.)

VQ548MP Notable Features:
  • This device requires ½ the power than most pellistors
  • The MEMS device allows a pulsed power supply – extending battery life for portable/battery operated devices
  • Due to the MEMS design the device is more robust in terms of shock and vibration
  • Low power (continuous operation typically 110mW)
  • Highly poison resistant to HMDS and H2S
  • VQ500 package compatible with the existing sensors
  • Highly resistant to mechanical shock
  • Extremely fast stabilization in very low power mode pulsed operation (10-20mW)
  • Low orientation effect
  • ATEX; Ex certification – pending
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