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Andon BGA Rollerball™ Sockets Available at CDI

CDI, Andon BGA Rollerball Sockets
BGA Rollerball Sockets, New Technology From Andon! Available at CDI

Designed to revolutionize BGA assembly and improve reliability and quality!
Andon Rollerball™ SocketsAndon Rollerball™ Sockets available at CDI eliminate many problems inherent in the shipping and assembly of conventional BGA sockets. The unique design also improves performance characteristics and reduces expensive rework and scrap while increasing production yields.

The key to Andon’s new design is a radiused hole at the bottom of the terminal. The terminal is then crimped over the solder ball beyond its hemisphere to encapsulate the solder ball, leaving just enough of the solder ball exposed to provide sufficient solder for soldering to a PCB.

With Andon’s Rollerball™ Socket design, the critical distance between the terminal and the PCB pad is typically reduced from .036"-.04" to .018"-.022". The solder becomes part of the "anchor" cross section and provides additional mechanical strength to the connection as well as the improved electrical connectivity.

Key Features:
  • Innovative solution for PCB coplanarity assembly problems
  • The only socket design that provides the highest thru-post and quality
  • Solder sphere is mechanically assembled into the terminal and positioned closer to the PCB for extremely accurate soldering every time
Product Details
  • Click here to download Andon/CDI BGA Rollerball™ Sockets datasheet (pdf, 22.9 MB)
  • Click here to submit a technical inquiry for questions, quotes, pricing, and/or ordering information.

For more information:
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