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Solartron Metrology Orbit LT and SI100

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Solartron Metrology Orbit LT Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement innovation, is now adding a non-contact laser to its lineup! Like their standard touch probes, you have a precise, reliable reading that is quick and easy to set up, with multiple outputs available into a PC or PLC.

Orbit LT can be connected with other Solartron probes and sensors via the Orbit network. If a stand-alone or two channel solution is preferred, it can be connected to an SI100, SI200, or other Orbit ACS system.

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SI100 A new Digital system from the Solartron Orbit stable! The SI100 is an economical, single channel solution with integral display that can be output to a PLC via ModBus, the most widely used network in the Industrial world.

The SI100 is part of Orbit ACS, a new line of Digital systems specially built for automation and process control.

The SI100 naturally comes with all of the standard metrology functions such as zero, preset and TIR. The unit can also be programmed to provide limit information.

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