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CTC Battery State-of-the-Art Li-ion Battery Products at CDI

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Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) Expands Energy Storage Catalog
Adding State-of-the-Art Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Battery Products from
CTC Battery, Inc. (a Division of Farasis Energy, Inc.)

CDI is proud to announce the addition of CTC Battery, Inc. to its line card of energy storage solutions. CTC Battery is the commercial sales arm of Farasis Energy, a leading developer and manufacturer of lithium ion (Li-ion) battery systems based in California. Farasis Energy was established in Silicon Valley in 2002 to design rechargeable Li-ion batteries differentiated with a manganese rich cathode for higher performance, greater safety and lower cost than competing technologies. These batteries are produced in high volume at the wholly owned Farasis Energy facility in China, where quality is ensured through direct control of product manufacturing.
The product lines offered through CDI include:
LiFePO4 Batteries – drop-in replacements for 6V, 12V & 24V sealed lead-acid
LiFePO4 Batteries Perfect for scooters, wheelchairs, medical equipment, LED power supplies, 6/12/24VDC power, UPS systems, home security systems and solar. At a fraction of the weight and around five times longer battery life, these are a fantastic upgrade from lead-acid.
More Details: LiFePO4 Batteries
Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical Cells – 3.7V building blocks for tailored solutions
Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical Cells Designed for either high-power (high C-rate) or high-energy (high capacity) applications, these can be used directly in LED flashlights or solar outdoor lighting or combined in custom battery packs.
More Details: Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical Cells
Li-Ion Custom Battery Packs – custom configurations and connections
Li-Ion Custom Battery Packs Based on combinations of the 18650 cylindrical cell, these packs come standard with a battery management system (BMS) / protection circuit board (PCB) included, bare wire or custom connectors, and an optional external thermistor; the perfect solution for RC toys and wireless security systems.
More Details: Li-Ion Custom Battery Packs
Li-Ion Prismatic Pouch Cells – high ampere-hour building blocks for systems
Li-Ion Prismatic Pouch Cells Available in 10Ah to 40Ah sizes, these are the perfect building block for larger modules and systems for telecom, utility grid, electric motorcycle and hybrid / electric vehicle applications.
More Details: Li-Ion Prismatic Pouch Cells
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