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The Gaging TRIFECTA at CDI!

CDI, Wireless Data Collection  Integration

The Gaging TRIFECTA!!!

CDI is proud to offer the ultimate in Digital Gaging, Data Collection, and SPC! Our Engineers are standing by to discuss all three phases of your data collecting project today! Why go to multiple sources, when CDI can solve your measurement issues with a one turn-key offering.

1) The Gage with SPC Output 2) The Collection 3) The SPC
Metrology Tools At CDO. Measure any dimension.CDI can help you find the perfect tool for your unique measuement specifications. Shop a large selection of digital gages, indicators, calipers, micrometers, and more.
Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Dorsey Metrology, and more…
Attach any Digital Gage with SPC Output. Guarantee your specifications. Attach any digital gage or metrology tool and collect the data you need wirelessly. Start saving time and increase efficiency today!
Wireless or Wired from MicroRidge
SPC - Statistical Process Control. Now that you have collected your data you can utilize SPC products at CDO to easily analyze, review trends, and more.
Prolink Corporation
Questions? Talk to Me "Sensor" Steve Rushing