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Farasis Energy, Inc. Awarded $2.7M DOE Grant

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Farasis Energy, Inc. (parent company of CTC-Battery) Awarded $2.7 Million DOE Grant

Building on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to build a 21st century transportation sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the US Department of Energy (DOE) just announced the award of more than $45 million in Vehicle Technologies Program (VTP) grant funding for 38 different projects. These funds will help accelerate the research and development of vehicle technologies to improve fuel efficiency, lower transportation costs, and protect the environment in communities nationwide.

Farasis Energy, Inc. (parent company of CTC-Battery) will receive a VTP grant of $2.7 million. The Farasis Energy project will develop high energy density lithium-ion cells for electric vehicles based on novel, high voltage manganese-rich cathode material coupled with a metal alloy composite anode and a high voltage electrolyte.

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