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CMX7161 TDMA Digital Radio Processor from CML


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CMX7161 TDMA Digital Radio Processor from CML
Available at CDI
CML, TDMA, Digital Radio Processor, CMX7161, at CDICDI announces the CMX7161 FI-1.x, a half-duplex digital radio modem intended for use in two-slot TDMA systems such as the ETSI TS 102 361 standard for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). It uses root-raised-cosine (alpha 0.2) 4-FSK modulation in a 12.5kHz channel. Slot timing and synchronization are handled automatically by the device.An integrated analogue interface supports connection to a direct conversion receiver such as the CML CMX994 and two-point modulation transmitter with few external components; no external codecs are required.

Intelligent auxiliary ADC, DAC and GPIO sub-systems are provided to minimize required host interaction and host I/O resources. Two synthesized system clock generators develop clock signals for off-chip use. The C-BUS/SPI master interface expands host C-BUS/SPI ports to control external devices.

The CMX7161 operates from a 3.3V supply and is available in 64-pin VQFN and LQFP packages. Click here to contact CDI for more information on ordering the CMX7161.
  • ETSI TS 102 361 Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
  • Police Digital Trunking (PDT) Radio
Tx Functions: Rx Functions:
  • Two-point modulation analogue outputs
  • Root-raised-cosine (alpha 0.2) pulse shaping
  • RAMDAC capability for PA ramping control
  • Tx trigger feature allowing precise control of burst start time
  • Tx burst sequence for automatic RAMDAC ramping and hardware switching
  • I/Q analogue inputs
  • Rx channel filtering and root-raised-cosine (alpha 0.2) pulse shaping
  • Data returned as hard-decision bits or 4-bit soft-decision LLR metrics
  • Automatic frame sync detection
  • Automatic tracking of symbol timing and input I/Q DC offsets
  • RSSI detection
Slot Timing Functions: Auxilary Functions:
  • 30ms slot format (264-bit bursts)
  • Internal slot clock and timing maintenance
  • Automatic synchronization to received channel
  • Automatic sequencing of hardware control
  • Two programmable system clock outputs
  • Four auxiliary ADCs with six selectable input paths
  • SPI Thru-Port for interfacing to synthesizers and other serial-controlled devices
  • Four auxiliary DACs, one with built-in programmable RAMDAC
Host Interface:
  • Optimized C-BUS (4-wire, high speed synchronous serial command/data bus) interface to host for control and data transfer, including streaming C-BUS for efficient data transfer
  • Open drain IRQ to host
  • Four GPIO pins
  • Serial memory or C-BUS (host) boot mode.
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