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Digital Power Monitoring with the NEW APN Power Monitor

NK Technologies ATH Series at Component Distributors
Digital Power Monitoring with the NEW APN Power MonitorNK Technologies APN Series Power MonitorCDI announces NK Technologies NEW APN Series of power monitors. The new APN series is a big step forward from analog signal reporting to a digital format that provides information on the system voltage, current and power factor along with wattage.

The APN measures three phases of current and voltage and computes fourteen values necessary to track power usage. The monitor uses current transformers to measure the amperes. The line voltage connects directly to the transducer, up to 600 VAC. The result is 14 data points in the RS485 Modbus RTU format. There is also a pulse contact which opens and closes as watt hours are accumulated. The APN can be configured to accept five amp secondary current transformers or the safer ProteCTTM low voltage output CTs.

Modbus RTU Output
RS485 communication protocol reduces the cost involved with proprietary data logging software.
Compatible with most automation systems.
Externally Powered
Improves reliability when used in conditions where power interruptions and voltage sags are common.
Compact DIN Mounted Housing
Clearly labeled terminals provide quick installation.
Low profile reduces cabinet depth requirements.
LED Displays Network Communication
Provides quick visual indication that network is operational Finger Safe
Safe and secure connectors.
Designed to Meet UL, CUL and CE Approval
Accepted worldwide.
Plant Energy Management
Measure the power usage of a single piece of equipment, an area of a plant, or the entire facility.
Detect jams and overloads.
Check that the belt is loaded properly by measuring the power consumption.
Pump Monitoring
Detect dry run from clogged, intake, or discharge line.
Monitor impeller cavitation and bearing wear.
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