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CS Colombo USA – Insulating Terminal Housings and Connector Systems Now Available at CDI

CDI, CS Colombo USA Insulating Connectors

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CDI is proud to announce the addition of CS Colombo USA to its Power Management line card. CS Colombo USA is the US brand and subsidiary of CS Colombo, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of insulating housings for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and wiring harness connections in OEM products that are form, fit and function crosses (maintaining UL approvals) with all major competitors and with short lead times.

CS Colombo USA and CDI can also create custom plastic housings for metallic terminals matching your specifications as well as co-develop proprietary connection systems that are exactly compatible and interchangeable with similar brand name connectors currently used in the market.

CS Colombo USA Connector Product Types Include:
Automotive Connectors Cable Harness Accessories Connector to LK Terminals Custom Connectors 8 Pitch Connectors
Quick Connect Isulating Housing RAST 5 Crimping Connectors RAST 2.5 IDC Connectors 3.96mm Pitch Connectors 2.54mm Pitch Connectors
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