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Amplifed IR Sensors “The Smart IR” Module From SGX Sensortech

The Smart IR has been designed with the latest technology using a microcontroller unit with an ARM7TDMI core. SGX Sensortech’s Smart IR is a user friendly electronic module, which is designed to fit directly on to SGX Sensortech’s existing Series 2 gas sensor product types like IR12GM or IR11GM. The electronic module is designed to decrease the implementation time and increase productivity.

The Smart IR module incorporates the necessary electronics and embedded software to operate the infrared sensors from a low voltage DC power supply. The module will process the raw signals to output a linear, temperature compensated signal proportional to the gas concentration applied. The output signal is available in digital and analog forms.

  • Provides a linear and temperature compensated output when connected to the SGX Sensortech’s Infrared Gas Sensors.
  • Low power consumption < 35mA with the Sensor.
  • Can be Factory calibrated for Methane 0-5% volume or 0-2% volume Carbon Dioxide (if required) when purchased with the gas sensor.
  • Full Fault Diagnostics and Error generation
  • Evaluation Kit available with Configuration Unit and PC software for easy control and sensor production calibration functions.
  • Easy implementation into Gas Sensors Network.
  • Intrinsically safe (IS) Certified design.
  • Factory configurable for Methane 0-5% volume or 0-2% volume Carbon Dioxide.
  • 24-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for high active and reference detector channel resolution.
  • Digital output of calculated concentration with maximum 50ppm resolution.
  • 14-bit Digital to Analog (DAC) output of calculated concentration.
  • User configurable up to 38400 baud rate for digital communications.
  • Digital Monitoring of the gas sensor temperature.
  • Optional flameproof Housing, made out of Noryl SEO material.
Recommended Applications:
  • Mining
  • Automation
  • Industrial Factories
  • Network of Sensors
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