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MiCs Quick Start Evaluation Board For Testing Metal Oxide Gas Sensors from SGX Sensortech

MiCs Quick Start Evaluation Board:
• Test Instantly – Just Add Power • Test 5 Different MiCs Devices
• Complete Circuit on PCB for each Sensor • 7 to 20V Input Supply Voltage

While the MiCs SMD parts are difficult to test and require a 5V power supply for correct operation, the Quick Start Demo Board allows the user to test the SGX SMD metal oxide gas sensors within minutes after opening the box.

The MiCs Quick Start Demo Board can use any input power supply from 7V to 15V. One of five different sensors can be placed into the universal onboard IC socket, and by installing the correct jumper the circuit is configured for immediate testing of the sensor.

The MiCs quick Demo board can individually test the following MiCs sensors:
MiCs-2614 (Ozone) MiCs-5524 (CO)
MiCs-2714 (NO2) MiCs-4514 (Dual senor, CO and NO)
MiCs-5914 (NH3)  
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