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MiCS-VZ-87 Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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Introducing SGX Sensortech MiCS-VZ-87
An Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Now Available at CDI
The MiCS-VZ-87 combines state-of-the-art MOS sensor technology with intelligent detection algorithms to monitor VOCs and CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces, e.g. meeting rooms or vehicle cabins. The signal output can be used to control ventilation on demand, saving energy and reducing cost-of-ownership. SGX Sensortech MiCS-VZ-87
• Calibration-free
• Low power
• Wide VOCs detection range
• High sensitivity
• High resistance to shocks and vibrations
Detectable Gases:
Volatile Organic Compounds   VOCs
equivalent Carbon Dioxide   CO2(equiv)
0V 400ppm CO2(equiv)
1V 720ppm CO2(equiv)
2V 1040ppm CO2(equiv)
3V 1360ppm CO2(equiv)
4V 1680ppm CO2(equiv)
5V 2000ppm CO2(equiv)
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