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Industry Standard High-Current Inductors from Precision Incorporated Available at CDI

Precision Incorporated

Industry Standard High-Current Inductors from Precision Incorporated
Wide range of inductance values and current-handling capabilities
Direct crosses to products from most major manufacturers

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LSM-22221 and LSM-2828xPrecision Inc. offers a line of industry standard high-current filter inductors for a variety of applications such as switching power supplies, amplifiers, regulators, RFI suppression, and filters.

High-density inductor construction offers up to 33% real estate savings compared to round-wire alternatives. This also enables higher copper utilization, which reduces power losses up to 25% in the same comparison.

These surface mount low-profile inductors also feature:
  • High-resistivity ferrite cores for optimum electrical performance.
  • Pre-tinned leads for easy PCB mounting.
  • Low-cost, high-performance design.
  • Flame-retardant, heat-shrink tube packaging to protect and insulate the coil.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
A wide range of inductance values and current-handling capabilities are available, with direct crosses to products from most major manufacturers. Standard lead times are 4 to 5 weeks. Custom products are also available, and Precision’s engineering staff is ready to help you optimize the standard inductor designs to fit your specific application.
CDI carries sample stock of the following bow-tie
three-pad high current inductors:
Series Inductance Range Saturation Current
(Note 1)
Width Height
LSM-22221 0.7 μH to 47 μH 8.5 Amps to 75 Amps 21.5 mm (0.846 in) 14.5 mm (0.570 in)
LSM-2828x 2.2 μH to 33 μH 3.3 Amps to >100 Amps 27.9 mm (1.090 in) 15.36 mm (0.604 in) to 17.78 mm (0.700 in)
Note 1: The saturation current indicates the value of DC current when the initial inductance value is approximately 30% lower.
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