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NK Technologies: Installation Without Interruption for Critical Current Monitoring!

NK Technologies, CDI

NK Technologies
Installation Without Interruption for Critical Current Monitoring!
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The need to measure electricity usage has become very important to factories. The proposed EPA regulations will soon become law and make power much more expensive, every year for the foreseeable future. Likewise, the efficient operation of electrical machinery becomes more important since poor efficiency equals more electricity.

A major problem for existing installations, especially large units, which currently do not have current measurement real time is taking the machine and manufacturing line out of service to install current transducers. The lost output is usually far more costly than the new installation.

NK Technologies has solved this problem with the introduction of the AT/ATR-LS current transducer. This easy to install split core design combines the transducer and signal conditioner in a single package.

NK Technologies AT/ATR-LS Current Transducer Features:
1. Industry standard output.
2. Loop powered.
3. Factory calibrated.
4. DIN rail mount.
The AT/ATR-LS couldn’t be easier to install. Simply remove the top portion of the sensing ring, place the existing conductors to the machine inside the ring, and snap the top back into place. Connect 2 wires to the power supply and whatever meter, controller, or network used. Multiple conductors per phase are accommodated as well.
AT/ATR-LS Applications Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • Measure current to detect over and under conditions.
  • See blocked filters or clogged intakes in pump systems.
  • Generator output monitoring.
  • Monitor large machines.
  • Confirm and track power usage.
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