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Diotec Semiconductor Product Selection Guide Downloads

Diotec Semiconductor
Diotec Semiconductor Product Selection Guides

Semiconductor diodes have always been essential components of electronic devices. Rectifiers in power supplies, diodes for signal processing or protection devices in various circuits: modern electronics cannot function without these parts.

For more than 30 years, Diotec has been delivering innovations in this highly competitive market. Check out Diotec Semiconductor’s newest product selection guides which feature:

  • Schottky Diodes having 150V of reverse voltage and up to 175°C junction temperature
  • TVS Diodes having 3000W peak pulse power
  • Axial Diodes having 25A and up to 2000V
  • Schottky Diodes in Power SMD having 5/10/15A and up to 100V
  • Superfast-Efficient Rectifier having 1/4/8A and up to 600V
  • and much more.
Download Diotec Selection Guides In PDF Format Below
Diodes and Rectifiers with Axial Leads Diacs, Current Limiting-, Press-fit-and HV-Diodes
Bridge Rectifiers 1~/3~ Diodes and Rectifiers in Power Packages
Case Cross-Reference List Diodes and Rectifiers in SMD
Transistors and Small Signal Diodes  
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