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SGX Sensortech Metal Oxide (MiCs) Sensors at CDI

SGX Sensortech Metal Oxide MiCs Sensors
SGX Sensortech Metal Oxide (MiCs) Sensors
SGX Sensortech manufactures a complete line of low cost metal oxide (MiCs) gas sensors. The sensors are available for detecting Ozone, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, VOC (volatile organic compounds) as well as packaging that allows 2 and even 3 gas sensing devices in the same package.
SGX Sensortech MiCs Part Numbers:
Application: Part Number:
• Ozone Sensor MiCs-2614
• Nitrogen Dioxide MiCs-2714
• Dual sensor for Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide MiCs-4514
• Dual sensor for Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons MiCs-5524
• High Volume package for CO MiCs-5526
• Ammonia MiCs-5914
• Tri-Sensor for the detection of automobile exhausts for agriculture and industrial orders MiCs-6814
These devices are low cost as they are built using standard silicon wafer fab processes. By using these processes, the cost is generally less than $10 in quantities of 1 piece. These prices are attractive to many users in a number of applications. However, the user should be aware that SGX MiCs work well in a macro environment gas detection application (low medium and high type of readings). Please note that the MiCs devices were not designed to detect exact measurements. Many users have questions on the basics of using these devices. These questions are answered in Application Note 2, and Application Note 172. In addition, CDI offers a couple of different evaluation boards, the MiCs-EK1 and the popular MiCs_Quick_Start Evaluation board to expedite the testing of the MiCs sensors.
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