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ACR Systems Data Loggers Available at CDI

ACR Systems Available at CDI
ACR Systems Data Loggers Available at CDI

The huge market share Microsoft holds in the computing world today means your data logging equipment and recording devices should be compatible. They also need to be self-powered with long battery life and extremely rugged. The ACR Systems product line offers all these features as well as being self-contained, small, and simple to install and use.

ACR data loggers handle temperature, humidity, AC current/voltage, pressure, differential pressure, CO2/gasses, process signal, power quality, pulses, and more. ACR offers complete easy to use software for all products enabling, trend, event, and real time analysis.

ACR data loggers can be used in a broad area of applications. Any process which needs history to analyze as well as real time information, alarms, and control is a potential user. ACR data loggers can be found in the food, medicine, concrete, property management, hazardous gasses, energy, electrical, and semi-conductor industries to name a few.

Today’s regulatory environment demands provable history of every type of key process both to comply with regulations and protect your company or self from legal actions. The reasonable price of these data loggers means you can insure with proof against all demands both internal and external at very low cost.

ACR Systems products are available from stock at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) by visiting or by clicking here to submit a technical inquiry or quote request. CDI offers application assistance, demos, and advanced support upon request.
Multi-channel Configurable
Data Loggers
SmartReader Plus
Multi-channel Alarming
Networkable Data Loggers
Waterproof Single Temperature
Data Loggers
Waterproof Single Temperature
Data Loggers
Waterproof Single Temperature
Data Loggers
Economical Single Temperature
Data Loggers
Plug-style Voltage
Disturbance Recorder
Trendreader Software
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
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