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Evergreen Primary and Rechargeable Batteries Available at CDI

Evergreen, Chung Pak Battery Works Limited
Evergreen Primary and Rechargeable Batteries Available at CDI
Short Lead Times and Low Minimum Quantities on Standard Cells
Quick Turnaround on Custom Battery Packs

Since 1986, Evergreen has been offering quality batteries to the US market from its parent company Chung Pak Battery Works Ltd. Chung Pak is dedicated to developing the most cost-effective and eco-friendly batteries and their product line includes options that do not contain mercury, lead or cadmium.

The complete product line includes:
Ultra-Thin Lithium Polymer
These extremely thin primary
lithium polymer batteries were designed specifically for smart
card applications with high heat
and low failure rate requirements.
Lithium Coin Cell
Evergreen brand coin cells offer
long service life and a stable discharge rate and can operate
in a wide temperature range.
Alkaline Cylindrical
Alkaline Button Cell
High Voltage Alkaline
Lithium Cylindrical
Zinc Chloride
Silver Oxide Button Cell
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Evergreen offers a full line of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries from sizes AAA through 9V.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
These batteries are foam cored, sintered cells, so discharge voltage remains stable, even in conditions of high-rate discharge current.
Emergency Lighting Replacement Packs
Standard replacement battery packs for manufacturers such as Lithonia, Sure-Lites, Day-Brite and Chloride.
About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI):
CDI is a value added distributor of electronic components, specializing in high performance wireless, sensor and power electronics technologies. CDI offers a variety of primary and rechargeable battery solutions, ranging from small coin cells to large solar batteries, in both standard and custom configurations.
About Evergreen:
Evergreen is the US division of Chung Pak Battery Works, a significant Chinese manufacturer of high quality primary and secondary batteries for OEMs and private label brands that are extremely price competitive and readily available from factory stock in California, many of which can be considered “green” products with zero mercury and no lead added.

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