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Prevent Mold In Your HVAC System: Measure & Record Temperature, Relative Humidity & Carbon Dioxide

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ACR Systems Data Loggers
Prevent Mold In Your HVAC System
Measure & Record Temperature, Relative Humidity & Carbon Dioxide

ACR Systems Data Loggers, IAQ Data LoggerDo your customer’s air conditioning and heating ducts harbor a fertile colony of fungi which can seriously damage their living conditions, health, and property value? Are you sure you aren’t enabling mold farms?

If you are involved in HVAC, building management, real estate, building maintenance, remodeling, or development you need to be certain that you produce the proper air quality, mold elimination, and general inhabitability inside. Many things are hidden from casual observation and measurement is required to determine your quality. How do you know?

You will have noticed the furor created by the IPCC (climate change), government, and the EPA over carbon dioxide (CO2) concerning its global suspected effect on temperature. Powerful regulations and out crying have or will occur. It is only a matter of time until indoor CO2 becomes regulated to assist the entire carbon story.

What kind of a job does your system do controlling moisture and water vapor in the property? Any creeping water vapor in your air has a major effect on comfort, health, and hidden mold.

The ACR Systems IAQ Data Logger combined with the Telaire 7001 CO2 Monitor can record the three measurement parameters of indoor air quality and will provide immediate answers and records over a very long period to protect you from the problems above. This system measures and records temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide, and is compatible with Windows and Microsoft systems as well as can be configured to the Internet of Things.

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About ACR Systems
ACR data loggers are self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more.

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