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GaN-Ready Magnetics Provide Optimized Performance In Next Generation Power Conversion Designs

Precision Incorporated
GaN-Ready Magnetics Provide Optimized Performance
In Next Generation Power Conversion Designs
GaN-Ready Magnetics Provide Demonstrated Optimized Performance

GaN-ready LLC transformers and PFC inductors are available for a broad range of applications including power factor correction, motor drives, power supplies and medical equipment.

For example, GaN switches provide an impressive number of key benefits to medical equipment design engineers that are concerned with their equipment size, power losses and patient connect protection. The important features are:

• Significant reductions in system volume, weight and size
• Higher operating temperatures / reduced heat sink requirements
• Lower switching losses / increased power output (up to 95% peak efficiency)
• High breakdown strength, high maximum current and high oscillation frequency

"Due to the many key benefits it provides, GaN switching technology is fast becoming a very popular option in a wide number of applications," explained Welly Chou, Design Engineering Manager at Precision. "Precision is proud to have joined forces with industry-leading GaN switch producers to create a high performance GaN technology with demonstrated results."

Precision has partnered with GaN experts including International Rectifier and Transphorm to create ultra-compact power supplies with LLC transformer and PFC inductor technologies designed for optimum performance at high switching frequencies. Precision brought unique expertise in core material selection and parasitic management (i.e., leakage inductance and capacitance) together with an extensive Litz wire selection to cutting edge GaN technologies that are now available worldwide.

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