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CDI Announces a New Partnership with Insulated Wire (IW) High Performance Microwave Cable Products

Insulated Wire (IW)
CDI Announces a New Partnership with Insulated Wire (IW)
High Performance Microwave Cable Products

High Performance Microwave Cable ProductsComponent Distributors, Inc. (CDI) announces a new partnership with Insulated Wire (IW), distributing their products to customers in the Americas. Insulated Wire manufacturers high performance microwave cable that offers low attenuation performance up to 67 GHz.

Insulated Wire products can be found in a wide variety of markets, including telecommunications, satellite systems, commercial and military avionics, and military communications and fire control systems.

IW offers a line of products designed to replace semi-rigid or conformable cable in standard .085, .141, and .250 diameters. Their ReFlex™ cables offer a similar level of electrical performance while the flexibility tin plated braid outer shield allows the cable to be bent into nearly any shape. This allows the user to stock some standard lengths of ReFlex™ cable to replace multiple custom semi-rigid assemblies or conformable cable lengths.

Unlike conformable cable, ReFlex™ cable can be repeatedly formed without cracking along the length of the cable or at the connector termination. This allows it to be used in places where fixture or assembly movement is required, or where re-work is anticipated. ReFlex™ cable can be terminated in any standard microwave connector, although SMA connectors are the most popular confirmation.

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CDI is a value added distributor of electronic components, specializing in providing RF & Microwave and Wireless Communications for simple to complex system applications. Markets served include communications, computing, industrial, medical, military and consumer electronics.
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