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Custom Assemblies from Passive Plus, Inc. Available at CDI

Passive Plus at CDI
Custom Assemblies from Passive Plus, Inc.
Available at CDI

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) offers Custom Capacitor Assemblies for high power requirements.

Typical assemblies are configured in series and/or parallel combinations, producing higher voltage/current handling capabilities, extended capacitance range and tighter tolerances.

Typical Applications Field:
High Power RF, Medical Electronics, Broadcast, Semiconductor Manufacturing, High Magnetic Environments, Inductive Heating.

Product Features:
High Operating Voltage, High Operating Current, Extended Capacitance, Tighter Tolerances, High Reliability, High Q, Ultra-low ESR, Non-Magnetic.

Typical Assembly Configurations:
Typical assembly configurations, parallel assemblies and series assemblies, are outlined by the customer. 

All components are 100% up-screened for Partial Discharge and Sono-scanned. All assemblies include a 100 hour Military burn in. To start the assembly process, send either a mechanical drawing or circuit conditions.

Visit Passive Plus at CDI or contact us directly at 1-800-777-7334 or for quotes, pricing, custom assembly, custom kit requests or specific engineering questions.
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