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CDI Welcomes EM Microelectronic to It’s Sensors and Wireless Division of Products

EM Microelectronic | CDI
CDI Welcomes EM Microelectronic to It’s
Sensors and Wireless Division of Products
Bluetooth Low-Energy-Proximity Beacon

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) is proud to welcome EM Microelectronic to our Sensors and Wireless Division of products. EM Microelectronic, is the semiconductor company of the Swatch Group, headquartered in Marin Switzerland. The EM Microelectronic group product portfolio encompasses RFID Circuits, Smart Card ICs, Ultra-low Power Microcontrollers, Power Management, LCD Drivers and Displays, Optoelectronic ICs, Mixed-Mode Arrays and Standard Analog ICs. EM Microelectronic manufactures not only standard circuits and ASICs, but also system solutions and modules for applications such as access control, radio frequency identification, mobile phones, mass-market consumer appliances, alarm and security systems, utility and heating meters, sensor signal processing, controlling, car immobilization, electronic automotive subsystems and many more.

For an example of the IoT products offered by EM Microelectronic, you can consider the EMBC01. EMBC01 is a tiny coin-size Beacon solution that is optimized for highest performance in terms of autonomy and link range. It can be deployed anywhere iBeacon™ and Bluetooth Smart v4.0 technologies are used. Readily certified and available in a qualified and convenient housing, the EMBC01 enables rapid and easy deployment into any beacon solution. The EMBC01 Bluetooth Beacon has achieved FCC certification for operation within the US, CE certification for the European Union, and IC certification for Canada.

The EM Microelectronic EMBC02 Beacons integrate a 3-axis accelerometer in the same easy-to-use, tiny form factor as EMBC01, enabling a wide range of Motion-Based Beacon applications. By attaching EMBC02 to objects or people, both, proximity and motion, can be monitored by a smartphone or tablet application. EMBC02 can be programmed to transmit proximity and identification data, like standard Beacons, but it can also provide motion data (movements, vibrations, acceleration) as well as specific motion-based alarms based on accelerometer data, originating from shock, free-fall or taps. The accelerometer allows to maximize battery life by "Beaconing" data only when required, e.g. while in motion, or when an alarm condition occurs.

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