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MechaTronix Advanced Pin Fin LED Coolers for Tilted Spot Lights – Available at CDI

MechaTronix | CDI
MechaTronix Advanced Pin Fin LED Coolers
for Tilted Spot Lights – Available at CDI
MechaTronix Advanced Pin Fin LED Coolers

MechaTronix pin fin coolers were specifically developed to optimize free air convection behind LED spot and track lights that are tilted over 50 degrees. In tests comparing comparable extruded aluminum heat sinks against these second generation pin fin LED coolers, both had similar cooling performance in the classic vertical position. But once they were tilted to angles greater than 50 degrees, the pin fin LED coolers kept functioning while the extruded aluminum heat sinks lost more than 20% of their original cooling capacity.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Pin Fin Since there is no forced air movement, free air convection is the main cooling component as the radiation effect only counts for a few percent. The open structure of the LED pin fin cooler does not obstruct the vertically rising hot air.

Click here to view the white paper describing this test.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Pin Fin
LED Cooler
MechaTronix offers different lengths of pin fin LED coolers that range from 35mm to 111mm in diameter for applications of 300 to 4500 lumens. They come with either a solid base plate or a matrix of hole patterns for direct mounting of COB LEDs and Zhaga-compatible holders. Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) distributes MechaTronix products across the Americas, providing local support in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Product is also available for immediate delivery from CDI’s website by visiting
MechaTronix LED Coolers
Click here to view the complete family of MechaTronix Pin Fin LED Coolers.
About MechaTronix
Formed in 2007 as a combination of five already successful manufacturing companies, MechaTronix provides a wide variety of mechanical and electromechanical parts as well as assemblies for international OEMs. MechaTronix is now the preferred cooling partner for world leading LED manufacturers and designers, with an offering of heat sinks and cooling solutions for every conceivable LED application.
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Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value added distributor of high performance LED, power, wireless and sensor component technologies. CDI distributes globally and provides local application support and customer service across the Americas. CDI delivers cutting edge LED lighting solutions by wrapping application support, development tools and design services around high performance products from industry leading manufacturers.
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