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New Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Product from CML Microcircuits – Available at CDI

New Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Product
from CML Microcircuits – Available at CDI
New! CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform
New! CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform
Processor – Now Available with DMR!

With the transition to narrowband systems and the need to support digital systems, the professional two-way radio market has become a complex puzzle for companies to

The CMX7241/7341 PMR common processor product line from CML Microcircuits helps
companies to address this challenge. It can deliver both FDMA and TDMA digital radios, as well as legacy analog systems with a singe chipset. Using the CMX7341 Common Platform Processor in conjunction with the CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver enables
a highly integrated, small, and cost effective yet flexible design. Flexibility is insured through the use of CML FirmASIC® technology.

Current Function Images Can Support:
• DMR (ETSI TS102 361)
• Tiers 1, 2, & 3 Compliant
• dPMR (ETSI TS 102 490, TS 102 658)
• Analog PMR/LMR (EN 300 08, EN 200 296, TIA-603-D)
• Future support for NXDN, ARIB STD-T102, ARIB-STDT98, PDT, and more.
Typical Applications Include:
Digital Professional Mobile Radio and Land Mobile Radio handsets. The feature
set of the CMX7341 is ideally suited to support the past, current, and future generations of these hardworking radios.
Digital Professional Mobile Radio and Land Mobile Radio handsets
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