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Granite Surface Plates

Granite Surface PlatesThe majority of our surface plates are produced with charcoal black granite. Upon request, we can also manufacture black diabase, pink or gray plates as well. Plates are produced to meet or exceed federal specification GGG-P-463c. Final inspection of our surface plates is done with an autocollimator or electronic levels and Repeat-O-Meter. Black and pink plates are engineered to support a loading weight of 100 pounds per square foot, loaded in the center of the plate; which is twice that required by federal specification. This means that the designated load may be placed in the center of the plate without deflecting the overall accuracy more than 50%. Special loading and size considerations can be quoted upon request.

In surface plates, flatness is very important; however, repeat reading is equally important. The flatness and repeat readings of Tru-Stone plates are unilateral, not bilateral. The term unilateral accuracy means that all points on the work surface are contained between two parallel planes, separated by a distance greater than the distance specified for each size and grade. The term bilateral accuracy means twice (+ or – the accuracy stated) as much flatness deviation may exist. The values specified on Tru-Stone calibration certificates are the TIR (total indicator reading).

Granite Stands
Granite StandsCabinet stands are constructed with square steel tubing and heavy gauge steel. Leveling screws are provided on the bottom of each leg, adjustable to obtain the standard work height of 36". Roomy cabinet space is provided with a shelf and locking doors.
Gage Blocks

For nearly 80 years the Webber Gage Division has concentrated on the design, development, and production of micro-accurate gage blocks and accessories.

Webber Gage is an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of gage blocks and offers the widest selection of gage blocks. We offer gage blocks in steel, ceramic and croblox® (chromium-carbide) materials, Inch and Metric measuring systems, and in both rectangular and square style blocks.

Webber Gage also offers our own HEAVY-DUTY style of gage blocks with a side clamping feature for building large combinations of gage blocks.

Webber Gage offers a unique line of Angle Gage Blocks and True Squares of unsurpassed accuracy for precise angular measurements and setups.

Height Gages

Height GagesBrown & Sharpe offers a full line of height gages to meet any manufacturing requirement, from first piece and layout inspection to tool set- up and incoming inspection. Each model offers a full range of measuring capability, and, when combined with optional features and special accessories, can be custom designed to solve any shop floor measuring problem.

With powerful, built-in software, the MICROHITE® 2D Electronic Height Gage makes two-dimensional measurement with a single axis height gage fast and easy. Two-dimensional measuring capability lets MICRO-HITE determine concentricity or express the relationship between holes, patterns or the features of a part in polar or rectangular coordinates. The easy-to-use keyboard and interactive LC display guides operators through measurement operations.

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