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New Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring from SGX Sensortech

SGX Sensortech
New Integrated Sensor Board for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
from SGX Sensortech
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Historically, three variables have been used to define indoor air quality; temperature, humidity and CO2. While this is still the case, it is becoming more widely accepted that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as smoke, cooking odors and outdoor pollutants also impact the air quality. VOCs can also be emitted from building materials, furnishing and operational equipment such as photocopiers.

The indoor air we breathe every day has a paramount effect on our health and our productivity. It has been established that VOCs are harmful to human health. “Indoor air quality has a major influence on the health, comfort and well-being of occupants. Poor air quality has been linked to Sick Building Syndrome, reduced productivity in offices and impaired learning in schools”.

The new MiCS-VZ-89TE combines state-of-the-art MOS sensor technology with intelligent detection algorithms to monitor VOC’s and the CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces, e.g. meeting rooms or vehicle cabins. The dual signal output can be used to control ventilation on-demand, saving energy and reducing cost-of-ownership.

Key Features:
  • Calibration-free
  • Low power
  • Wide VOCs detection range
  • High sensitivity
  • High resistance to shocks and vibrations
Detectable Gases:
  • Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs
  • Equivalent Carbon Dioxide CO2 (equiv)
About SGX Sensortech
SGX has been leading the way in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of reliable gas sensors since developing the catalytic bead gas sensor (which became known as the Pellistor) in 1961. SGX gas sensors are built to the highest standards with all pellistor and infrared gas sensors achieving ATEX and IECEx certification, SGX gas sensors are also UL and CSA approved.
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