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LEDiL New Product Releases – August 2016


LEDiL New Product Releases – August 2016

FLORENTINA-1 – Makes new modular designs possible
LEDiL’s new addition to the FLORENTINA-family is FLORENTINA-1, the single unit solution for building optimized and highly pleasing low-glare indoor lights. The compact design allows you to cluster FLORENTINA-1’s seamlessly right next to each other, giving you the freedom to create different optical layouts for any space. Featuring a wide base of different optical solutions, fast tape installation and a customizable outlook to provide an unbeatable all-in-one solution. Personalized faceplates can be made from any material you like, not forgetting all the different textures, shapes and colors you can use.
FLORENTINA-OPEN – Base for customized indoor lighting
Complementing the FLORENTINA family with FLORENTINA-OPEN, a stripped-down version of the original, gives you the full freedom to create personalized luminaire solutions. Whether you go for a colorful, wooden, metallized, curved or carved look – or something we haven’t come up with yet – FLORENTINA-OPEN gives you the possibility. OPEN-versions are available in both the 2X2 and 4X1 FLORENTINA base structures supporting a wide range of ROSE-lenses and different beam patterns.
BROOKE GenII – 45 mm reflector family for COBs

The BROOKE-G2 family is a series of compact sized (D45mm) reflectors setting a new standard for socket based LED lighting. The system is optimized for lighting manufacturers to construct more compact sized luminaires with modern high density COBs that have smaller LED’s. In addition LEDiL’s patented BARBARA-RZ color mixing sub-lens can be attached between the reflector and the holder for multi-colour or tuneable white light applications. The lens can also be used to smoothen out and remove any unwanted color-over-angle artefacts from the beam.

FLORENCE-ZT25-S – Asymmetric oval light for retail and wall-washing
LEDiL’s FLORENCE-family is especially designed as a replacement for the old fluorescent light strips. FLORENCE-ZT25-S gives an optimized one-sided illumination to the products and other valuables you need to showcase on shelves. The twenty-degree uniform beam shines just in the right place providing you with the extra punch you need for your goods. ZT25-S can also be used in wall-washing and architectural applications.
STRADA-2X2-CAT-B – Precise catenary lighting
Wire suspended luminaires – especially in older cities – are usually found in places with heavy and mixed traffic. These special conditions require exact care and functionality from the lighting. LEDiL’s new STRADA-2X2-CAT-B is a reformed version for these applications. STRADA-2X2-CAT-B delivers a narrow low glare beam with an excellent cut-off and is also compatible with 15-degree boom angle poles.
LEDiL’s RONDA shortlisted for the LuxAwards 2016

2016 Lux AwardsThe shortlist for the 2016 Lux Awards has been announced and this year LEDiL’s RONDA COB lens family has been shortlisted in Enabling Technology of the Year category. The awards will be held on November 24th 2016.

RONDA is the versatile low-profile system for indoor downlighting with outstanding performance and wide customization possibilities.

About LEDil
LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. LEDiL offers a wide range of innovative LED optics, including lenses and reflectors with superior optic performance and durability. Relationships with top LED manufacturers allow LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs.
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