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CDI Sensors and Wireless Group Product Highlights – September 2016

Component Distributors Inc. Sensors & Wireless Group
CDI Sensors and Wireless Group
Product Highlights for Humidity & Temperature, Smart Dust, Pressure, & CO² Sensing – September 2016
ChipCap 2™
A Fully Calibrated Humidity and Temperature Sensor
ChipCap 2™ A Fully Calibrated Humidity and Temperature SensorChipCap 2 offers the most advanced and cost effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of application.

A capacitive polymer sensor chip and a CMOS integrated circuit with EEPROM are integrated into one embedded system in a reflow solderable SMD package.

• Fully Calibrated & Temperature Compensated
• Digital or Analog Output with Alarm Function
• Precision & Accuracy (±2%RH, ±0.3°C, 14 bit )
• Free Operating Voltage (min 2.7V to max 5.5V)
• Low Current Consumption
• SMD Package for Automated Assembly
• Reliable in Harsh Environments

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SM-PWM-01A - SMART DUST SensorSM-PWM-01A is a dust sensor that detects the dust particle concentration in air by using optical sensing method. An infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) and a photo-sensor are optically arranged in the device. The photo-sensor detects the reflected IR LED light by dust particles in air.

The SMART Dust Sensor can detect the small particles like cigarette smoke and it can distinguish small particles like smoke from large house dust by pulse pattern of signal output.

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Digital Output Absolute Pressure Sensor
NPA-201 Digital Output Absolute Pressure SensorThe NovaSensor NPA-201 is an absolute pressure sensor calibrated and temperature compensated over the pressure range of 260 mBar to 1260 mBar making an ideal choice for monitoring barometric pressure or a low cost altimeter. This device has a digital I2C output, in a small 8 pin HCLGA package.

This device is ideally suited for weather stations, altimeter and barometers for mobile applications, and many other applications.

• 260 to 1260 mBar absolute pressure range
• Temperature measurement included
• Sleep State current less than 250nA (25°C)
• Temperature resolution: less than 0.003K/LSB
• 16bit pressure and temperature resolution
• Operation temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• I²C Interface

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CO² Module
Telaire 6713 Series
CO² Module• An affordable gas sensing solution for OEMs
• Eliminates the need for calibration in most applications with Telaire’s patented ABC • • Logic™ software. Lifetime calibration warranty
• A reliable sensor design based on 20 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise
• Flexible CO² sensor platform designed to interact with other microprocessor devices
• Compact design and versatile interface options for simple product integration

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