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IR-TEC Occupancy and Daylight Sensors for LED Lighting Control

IR-TEC Occupancy and Daylight Sensors for LED Lighting Control
Now Available in Brazil from CDI

Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is pleased to announce the addition of IR-TEC to its LED Lighting Solutions portfolio. CDI is now a franchised distributor of IR-TEC products in Brazil.

IR-TEC offers a comprehensive line of high quality occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors with a variety of mounting options for energy-efficient, smart lighting control.

Occupancy Sensor Daylight Sensor
Occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors can effectively reduce the energy cost of most building spaces by ensuring that unneeded lights are turned off or to a lower level when spaces are unoccupied or adequate daylight is available.

For daylight zones, IR-TEC offers sensors with SmartDIM automatic dimming control technology that will continuously adjust the lighting output to maintain the ambient light level within a pre-determined range, based on the amount of daylight available in the space.

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IR-TEC products are also available from CDI’s website:
And CDI offers a wide range of components that complement IR-TEC products, such as LEDs, drivers, optics and heat sinks:
About IR-TEC

Since 1982, IR-TEC has been developing and manufacturing sensor and control solutions for energy-efficient, smart lighting control. IR-TEC offers a variety of occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors for standalone control and for integration into lighting fixtures and building management systems.

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