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CDI Precision Measurement Introduces The Industry’s Fastest Inspection System

Oasis Inspection Systems
CDI Precision Measurement Introduces…
The Industry’s Fastest Inspection System!!!! 

Simply place a part on the OASIS pedestal and watch as the system measures multiple dimensions instantly.

How Fast is The OASIS? (Video)
Meet the Line-Up
The Core allows users to measure multiple dimensions on a part simultaneously and instantly. The measurements show up on an easy-to-read drawing dimensioning format and are saved in the Core for inspection archival or for built-in quality control reporting.

• Core Optical Inspection System, 0.84 X 0.68" Field Of View
• Oasis Core Inspection System, 1.70 X 1.40" Field of View
OASIS Elite:
Our premier optical inspection system combines accuracy and precision with a fast, easy to use operator interface. OASIS Elite
• Oasis Elite, Turnkey Inspection System with PC, 0.84 X 0.68" Field of View
• Oasis Elite, Turnkey Inspection System with PC, 1.70 X 1.40" Field of View
OASIS Elite Dual:

2 Fields of View:
Model# OAELITE152048… FOV 1.70" x 1.40"
Model# OAELITE152024… FOV 0.84" x 0.68"

OASIS Elite Dual
• Oasis Elite Dual, Turnkey PC System with Dual Optics, 0.84 X 0.68" AND 1.70 X 1.40" Fields of View
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