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LEDiL Products at Component Distributors Inc.
LEDiL’s New Releases Available at CDI

New Year is approaching along with a range of new LEDiL products for indoor and outdoor use.

The brightest star this month is definitely LINNEA – our newest linear product family for mid power LEDs. We are happy to introduce the first beam in the family – LINNEA-90 that will be followed by many symmetrical and asymmetrical beams during next year. Scroll down to learn more.

The second addition to the family of linear products is FLORENCE-1R-GC that many of you have been eagerly waiting for. FLORENCE-1R-GC-Z60 and –ZT25 are now ready and waiting for your orders. The third addition to indoor lighting are three new beams in the versatile RONDA family including two square-shaped batwing type beams as well as a spot beam for accent lighting.

Our outdoor lighting portfolio just got bigger with the addition of three new variants to the STRADELLA family: STRADELLA-CY single lens for canopy lighting and STRADELLA-8-VSM and -SCL modules for outdoor area lighting. The STRADA-ME single lens complements the SQ, 2×2 and 2×6 modules released previously.

LEDiL New Releases
LEDiL New Releases

A new 40mm wide linear lens family for mid power LEDs

LEDiL’s latest innovation for linear LED lighting. A new low profile product family for mid-power LEDs is widely compatible, fast to assemble and comes with an advanced optical control.

With minimized longitudinal glare

FLORENCE-1R-GC series of optics gives you the control you need to create high quality indoor lighting. A linear form with 24 individual TIR optics provides unsurpassed light control with minimized longitudinal glare.

LEDiL New Releases

New RONDA Family Members
Spot and rectangular beams for indoor lighting

With three more beams added to the RONDA product family, which now offers eight different beam solutions for indoor lighting. The spot version with around 30-degree beam and two new special 60- and 90-degree rectangular beams are perfect additions to this versatile family.

Small single optics meeting the ME-class street lighting

STRADA-ME is a 15.5×19.6mm single lens that accompanies the previously released SQ, 2×2 and 2×6 modules. The lens is designed for European ME road lighting and should be used with a flat protective glass.

LEDiL New Releases

STRADELLA-CY Single Optic for Efficient Canopy Lighting

STRADELLA-CY is a single optic that measures just 14 x 14mm and meets the requirements for modern canopy lighting needs. Whether you need to illuminate petrol stations or covered public spaces you can design luminaires that make the most of the LED performance and cost efficiency.

STRADELLA-8-VSM and -SCL for Outdoor Areas

STRADELLA-8 product family grows with two new optical solutions for street and outdoor lighting. With a wide, uniform square-shaped beam STRADELLA-8-VSM is an ideal solution for parking lots STRADELLA-8-SCL is meant for street lighting where lamp posts are spaced at longer distances from each other

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