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MegaChips Advanced VoC (Video over Coax) and CPoC (Camera Power over Coax) Technologies

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MegaChips Advanced VoC (Video over Coax) and
CPoC (Camera Power over Coax) Technologies
MegaChips VoC and CPoC

MegaChips makes the the migration from analog cameras to IP cameras using their advanced VoC (Video over Coax) and CPoC (Camera Power over Coax) technologies (part number KL5B series devices). This family is composed of three different parts:

KL5BPLC200WMP: Thanks to the compatibility with the ubiquitous Ethrnet Standard, the KL5BPLC200WMP can be easily connected to the network-enabled products such as broadband networks, television, and computers anywhere there is an electrical outlet simply by supporting the internet protocol (IP), which already enjoys widespread use.

KL5BPLC250WMP: The KL5BPLC250WMP is a Broad Band Power Line Communication SoC with multi-hop capability. Multi-hop systems can communicate over the long distances that are required for many industrial and commercial applications. The KL5BPLC250WMP enables the creation of small form factor devices that consume very low power while providing high performance. The KL5BPLC250WMP is suitable for coaxial or other cables as well as power lines.

KL5BVCX400WMP: Simplify the migration of analog cameras to IP cameras using our advanced VoC (Video over Coax) and CPoC (Camera Power over Coax) technologies. Installation is simple and cameras can easily be dynamically added and/or removed without affecting the rest of the system. For systems utilizing the CPoC features, there is no need to provide additional power to the cameras so no external power supply is required for up to 40 Watts of power at 500M. The VoC can also be configured to provide PoE or 12V DC power to a camera.

About MegaChips
Enabling everyday life through innovation, MegaChips is a semiconductor leader whose technology transforms the world we live in by helping each one of us achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives. Leveraging decades of technology excellence, partnerships and acquisitions, we are shaping the next wave of the digital revolution, adding significant value for businesses and consumers in the areas of Internet of Things, displays, enterprise, and mobile computing all around the world.
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