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CDI Gage Collector Pro Desktop Data Collection Kiosk

CDI Gage Collector Pro Desktop Data Collection Kiosk
CDI Gage Collector Pro Desktop Data Collection Kiosk
Part #: GCP-1
CDI Gage Collector Pro is the industry’s premier desktop Metrology Data Collection Management Kiosk. Featuring a user friendly wide screen touch panel PC, Gage Collector Pro offers the Shop Floor Gaging Operation to now come full circle with an IP65 rated Kiosk designed to bring Measurement Data (Wireless or Wired) seamlessly into a user designed spec plan. Pre-configured with industry giant Prolink’s Data Management Software, Gage Collector Pro is ready to go. Metrology Data Collection Management Kiosk
At a Glance: The CDI Gage Collector Pro Includes:
21.5 Inch Wide Screen GageStation LCD Monitor Dust Cover and Rugged Bench Top Stand
21.5” Wide Screen
Panel PC
By Prolink
LCD Monitor Dust Cover and Rugged Bench Top Stand
Slim Fanless Series
Rugged All-in-One Touch
Panel PC. 21.5" Touch Display.
GageStation is a combination license of both QC-Gage and
QC-CALC Real-Time
for a gage bench.
Scientifically advanced copolymer repels dust and moisture. Supple and flexible down to -80° F so
installation and storage is a breeze.
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Desktop Data Collection KIOSK for Gaging & Metrology Applications
Gage Collector Pro is your Professional Metrology Solution to Gage-Top Data Collection. Featuring Industry Leading Data Collection Software by Prolink Corporation, the Kiosk allows users to write their own "Spec Plans", run their own spec plans, and display the results in Real-Time graphs and charts, comparing the data to control and specification limits.
The Hardware: A 21.5 Inch Widescreen Touch Panel PC (IP65) allows easy viewing of the split-screen used for QC Gage and QC Calc Realtime by Prolink Corporation. The touchscreen is a 5-Wire Resistive Touch technology that can be activated with virtually any object (finger, stylus, gloved hand, pen, etc.).
The Software: Prolink’s "Gagestation" is a combination license of QC Gage for Data Collection and QC Calc Realtime where the data is plotted and any reporting and exporting is performed.
The Gages: Virtually any digital gage with SPC output ability can easily interface with Gage Collector Pro. Calipers, Indicators, Micrometers, Digital Gage Probes and much, much more are simple to connect to Gage Collector Pro.
Wireless or Wired (tethered) Gage Interfaces all easily connect with Gage Collector Pro.
USB, Ethernet, and RS232 for Solartron Digital Probes makes the connection to Gage Collector Pro a snap!
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