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Schaevitz Sensors In Stock Today at CDI

Schaevitz Sensors In Stock Today at CDI
AccuStar®-EA Electronic Clinometer
AccuStar®-EA Electronic Clinometer The AccuStar®-EA Electronic Clinometer is the next generation in the highly acclaimed AccuStar® family. Building on the success of the original AccuStar®, the AccuStar®-EA takes low cost tilt sensing to the next level by combining 100% solid state technology with digital calibration and proprietary filtering techniques. The result is an extremely accurate tilt sensor with improved linearity, expanded linear sensing range (±60o), generous operating temperature range (-40° to +80°C), and a 70% reduction in temperature induced errors.
02114002-000, 02115002-000
AngleStar® Protractor System (APS)
AngleStar® Protractor System (APS) The AngleStar® Protractor System (APS) is a ready to use, stand alone system for angle measurements. The
system incorporates an AngleStar Electronic Clinometer, a digital LCD display, and a four foot interconnecting cable (cable lengths up to 200 feet are available, consult factory for details).
02160023-000, 02160025-000
Analog LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner with digital calibration
The ATA-2001 is a general purpose, AC line-powered, LVDT/RVDT analog signal conditioner with digital setup and calibration. The embedded microprocessor generates a PWM-shaped sine wave and handles all calibration functions. It also controls the demodulation, filtration and synchronization of the LVDT or RVDT transducer signal. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory for restoration on power up.
The Linear Ball Bearing (LBB) Ultra-Precision gage heads are
dimensional gaging probes engineered for highly precise and
repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology applications. The linear ball bearing system within the gaging probe reduces radial play to a minute level and minimizes friction for ultra-precise measurement.
02350679-000, 02350716-000
About Schaevitz Sensors
The Schaevitz brand of Position Feedback (Linear, Rotary, Angular) Sensors represents the industry’s finest technologies from parent firm Measurement Specialties. Today, "Meas" Offers Global design and manufacturing of sensors and sensor-based systems for custom OEM Applications. Measurement Specialties itself was recently acquired by TE.
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CDI’s Precision Measurement product lineup offers hand tools to customized solutions from your part print. Please review our carefully selected lineup of professional Gaging, Metrology, and Position Feedback products. We look forward to assisting with all of your measuring needs.
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