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Gage Collector Pro: Desktop Data Collection Kiosk

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Gage Collector Pro: Desktop Data Collection Kiosk
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Denver, CO, February 24, 2017 – Component Distributors, Inc (CDI Precision Measurement) is proud to present the Metrology Industry’s first Desktop Data Collection Kiosk. CDI Precision Measurement introduces GCP-1, Gage Collector Pro.

GCP-1 is a desktop kiosk designed for the Quality Control / Gaging Operator to facilitate simple collection of measured data from digital gages on the shop floor via wired or wireless interfaces. Gage Collector Pro will deliver powerful analysis from user defined Specifications (“Spec Plans”). These measured results automatically migrate to a real-time display where pre-determined nominal, control, and spec limits are set by the user.

The hardware boasts a 21.5” touch screen panel PC, on a super-robust tilting stand, giving the operator an excellent visual of a split screen containing the spec plan collection parameters, and the resulting real-time data plots. The “resistive-touch” screen is ideal for any shop floor conditions.

Desktop Data Collection Kiosk Add a Podium
Desktop Data Collection Kiosk Add a Podium

The pre-loaded software is none other than Prolink Corporation’s world leading data collection system known as “Gagestation”. QC Gage and QC Calc Realtime fit beautifully together on the wide screen.

About CDI Precision Measurement Group: We are an international supplier of Gaging and Metrology Solutions, with a keen focus on Data Collection Management from the shop floor QC Department. While most suppliers out there sell you gages, tools, or probes, CDI Precision Measurement works closely with your Quality Control Team in developing solutions to help manage the data necessary for all your inspection needs.

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