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LEDiL Product News – February 2017

LEDiL Products at Component Distributors Inc.
LEDiL Product News – February 2017

LEDiL Product News – February 2017

Once again it’s time for something new. After a long product research period we have lots of interesting new products now available for orders. Please read further to learn more about these fruits of our hard labour.

Our well established FLORENCE-3R family is now also available in rugged IP-versions which aren’t afraid of moist and dusty environments. 3R-IP modules come with an integrated silicone gasket providing ingress protection against water and dust.

For high quality retail lighting we are releasing CARMEN – a completely new hybrid reflector and lens design featuring a smooth cutoff, low glare and minimized spill light. We also have a new addition to our innovative ZORYA family – ZORYA-MINI is made from PC and mimics a traditional light bulb beam pattern.

For street lighting applications we have a few new STRADA variations for you. Forward wide light distribution with Type III light distribution is now available in LEDiL’s 2X2 and 2X6 form factors and for the STRADA-SQ family we are releasing a new T2 variant with minimized backlight. We also have one completely new STRADA-2X2 module to offer you – STRADA-2X2-MEW is the first lens from LEDiL especially designed for wet roads.

LEDiL New Releases
LEDiL New Releases

PC optics with up to IP67 protection for moist and dusty environments

LEDiL’s well established FLORENCE family is also available in a rugged IP-version. The FLORENCE-3R-IP has an integrated silicone gasket providing ingress protection against water and dust. The 3×11 optics layout is compatible with Zhaga book 7 light engines and mid-power LEDs. The surface eliminates the bright spots from the LEDs resulting in uniform surface brightness and also makes modules suitable for tunable white applications.

Your choice for high quality retail lighting

CARMEN is a completely new hybrid reflector and lens design. It takes better advantage of light emitted by a light source, reduces glare and protects the COB from tampering and dust. This – when compared to metal coated reflectors – results in improved optical performance, sharp cutoff and minimized spill light.

Small PC lens for traditional bulb retrofits

Latest addition to LEDiL’s ZORYA family of exceptionally innovative LED optics with around 340-degree light distribution.

• Close to 50/50 front- and backlight ratio
• LED lumens easily over 1 000lm with no variations in light distribution
• Excellent color mixing and fully compatible with RGB LEDs
• Available with or without installation tape
• Energy Star compliant

Forward wide light distribution in LEDiL standardized form factors

• Type III universal street lighting beam
• Very little backwards facing light
• Great illuminance uniformity
• Illuminates a road width up to 2 times the mounting height, especially in staggered pole configuration

First lens from LEDiL especially for wet roads

• Meets Nordic wet street lighting requirements MEW and can also be used globally (Type II short, full cutoff)
• Has extremely low glare (luminous intensity class G6 in Europe / IESNA Full cutoff)
• Light is uniformly distributed between two lanes to decrease reflections
• Good for poles with -1 to -2.5m overhang

A new T2 beam with minimized backlight

• IESNA Type II light distribution
• Minimized backlight on the house side
• Exceptionally suitable for residential areas – no need to shield the luminaire
• Can be ordered with or without installation tape

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LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. LEDiL offers a wide range of innovative LED optics, including lenses and reflectors with superior optic performance and durability. Relationships with top LED manufacturers allow LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs.
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