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Introducing CMX901QT8 a New High-Gain 3-Stage Power Amplifier

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Introducing CMX901QT8 a New High-Gain 3-Stage Power Amplifier
CML Microcircuits RF Power Amplifier

CMX901QT8Component Distributors Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a new high-gain power amplifier that can operate between 130 MHz and 950 MHz. The CMX901QT8 is a 3-stage device that offers 40 dB of gain with an output power of 2.5 Watts at the lower frequencies and 1.5 Watts at the highest frequencies. It can be operated using a supply voltage range of 2 to 6 Volts, and is housed in a small 5×5 mm plastic QFN package.

CDI currently has sample stock available, along with evaluation boards tuned in popular bands (160 MHz, 435 MHz, and 915 MHz). The evaluation board stock is somewhat limited at this early stage, so please act quickly if you have some interest in this product.

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Evaluation Boards:
EV9011-160 EV9011-435 EV9011-915
150 – 170 MHz 400 – 470 MHz 900 – 930 MHz
CDI has stock on all three variants.
Schematics, BOMs, and Gerber files are available.
CML Evaluation Boards
• Covers 130 – 950 MHz
    – 2.5W @ 160 MHz
    – 1.8W @ 425 MHz
    – 1.5W @ 915 MHz
• High gain (40 dB) • High efficiency (60%)
• Class C Output Stage • 5×5 mm QFN Package
• 2V to 6V Power Supply

• $1.27 @ 100 pieces

Potential Applications:
• Wireless data communications FSK, FFSK/MSK, GFSK/GMSK, Multi-level FSK
• Marine AIS Class-B and Marine AIS-SART
• RFID readers/writers
• Automatic meter reading (AMR)
• Wireless sensor networks Mesh/Ad hoc systems
• Remote control and sensing systems
• Commercial and consumer communications
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