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CDI is Proud to Introduce to it’s Sensors and Wireless Group

CDI is Proud to Introduce to it’s
Sensors and Wireless Group

Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) introduces, the latest vendor addition to our Sensors and Wireless Solutions Group. is a partner company with Component Distributors and makes break out boards, embedded sensor and wireless systems and offers custom design services. The first products being introduced are break out boards for the InvenSense MotionTracking™ devices: P/N InvenSense P/N Description
NW-MOT-ICM20602 ICM-20602 Break out board for the 6-axis, ICM-20602, Low-Power, High-Performance Integrated 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device in 3mm x 3mm Package.
NW-MOT-ICM20689 ICM-20689 Break out board for the 6-Axis, ICM-20689, DMP-Enabled Drone/VR/IoT solution, Targeted For All Current MPU-6000/6050 Users ) P4P Drop in package.
NW-MOT-ICM20948 ICM-20948 Break out board for the 9-Axis, ICM-20948, World’s Lowest Power 9-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device.
The parts will be ready for shipment on or before April 15th.
About is a Colorado based engineering team providing expertise in embedded hardware and firmware design with a focus on wireless (BTLE & WIFI primarily), motion sensing, environmental sensors, and general MCU and embedded connectivity. We can provide connectivity solutions from the embedded to the user/cloud level. can take your ‘napkin’ drawn concept and turn it into a reality by providing guidance from the beginning of the project all the way to high volume manufacturing with our manufacturing partners.
About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value added distributor of high performance LED, power, wireless and sensor component technologies. CDI distributes globally and provides local application support and customer service across the Americas. CDI delivers cutting edge Sensors and Wireless Solutions by wrapping application support, development tools and design services around high performance products from industry leading manufacturers.
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)

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