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The Latest Integrated IR Sensors from SGX Sensortech: INIR-ME (Methane) and INIR-CD (Carbon Dioxide)

The Latest Integrated IR Sensors from SGX Sensortech:
INIR-ME (Methane) and INIR-CD (Carbon Dioxide)
SGX Integrated IR Sensors
INIR-ME (Methane)
INIR-CD (Carbon Dioxide)
INIR-EK4 (Evaluation Board)
Integrated IR Datasheet

SGX Sensortech, a Division of Amphenol Inc. introduces their latest IR sensor, the INIR gas sensor. The first of these devices being released are for Methane, which is the INIR-ME and for Carbon Dioxide, which is the INIR-CD.

The INIR is a user friendly digital Gas Sensor, which is designed to use the latest SGX Sensortech infrared technology. The sensor is designed to decrease the implementation time therefore increase productivity.

The Integrated IR sensor incorporates the necessary electronics and embedded software to operate from a low voltage DC power supply. The sensor will process the raw signals to output a linear temperature compensated signal proportional to the gas concentration applied. The output signal is available in digital and analog forms. This is the first in this plug and play series of infrared sensors.

SGX Integrated IR Sensors Features:
  • Triple Range (0%-1%v.v, 1%-4%v.v, 4%v.v&above) Gas Sensor with Automatic Switchover between ranges.
  • High Resolution up to 35ppm and Detectivity Level as low as 100ppm.
  • Digital and Analog Concentration Output:
    I. Completely Linearized Concentration
    II. Temperature Compensated (-20°C to 75°C)
    III. Condensation Compensation Algorithm
    IV. Humidity Compensated Concentration
    V. 100ppm Precision & Repeatability Error
  • Internal Temperature digitally transmitted via UART
  • Active & Reference Signals Monitored digitally transmitted values via UART
  • Full Faults Diagnostics & Error Generation
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Three Different Modes of Operation
  • Automatic Thermal Shutdown Function and Overcurrent Protection Function
  • Much more
Integrated IR Sensor Evaluation Board
As with all SGX’s devices, an evaluation board is available for testing the sensors performance. The evaluation board part number is INIR-EK4.
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