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OX-249 Hi-Rel Hybrid Space Qualified OCXO from Vectron

Vectron, CDI, RF & Microwave
OX-249 Hi-Rel Hybrid Space Qualified OCXO from Vectron
Vectron, OX-249
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Vectron’s OX-249 bridges the cost/size/performance gap that exists between small, lower power and large, higher power Space OCXO offerings.

By delivering SC-Cut OCXO performance in a common Space TCXO footprint, Vectron’s solution delivers a powerful combination of performance and miniaturization. OX-249 is the solution of choice for future Hi-Rel reference oscillator applications.

Leveraging our Class S QPL manufacturing line, flight heritage, and leading OCXO technology, the OX-249 offers exceptional performance and reliability from LEO to Deep Space.

Key Advantages:
• Performance approaches much larger Class 3 (Mixed) OCXO
• Built, Screened & Tested to MIL-PRF-55310, Class S
• SC-Cut Swept Quartz Crystal with robust 4-point mount
• Class 2 Hybrid chip & wire construction
• 24-pin Double DIP Enclosure (14 gram maximum)
• Class K Active Devices
• ER Passive Elements
Performance | Key Specifications:
• Frequency: 10MHz to 120MHz
• Frequency Stability: 100ppb
• Phase Noise Floor: as low as -165dBc/Hz
• Allan Deviation: 8E-12 Typical
• Low Power: 1.5W steady state @ +25C
• Radiation Tolerant: 100 krads (Si) TID & SEL Immune
• Outputs: ACMOS (10 to 100MHz) & Sine-wave (40 to 120 MHz)
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 85C
• Frequency Control: Optional EFC
Frequency Warmup OX-249 100MHz Static Phase Noise OX-249 100 MHz
About Vectron International

Vectron is a leader in design and manufacture of frequency generation and control products using both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Products include crystals and crystal oscillators; frequency translators; clock and data recovery products and SAW filters and components used in telecommunications, data communications, timing, navigation, military and instrumentation systems.

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