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Data Collection Solutions and Digital Gaging at CDI

Precision Measurement
Data Collection Solutions and Digital Gaging at CDI

The Gage Collector ProCDI’s Precision Measurement Group offers an all-in-one Data Collection Solution to meet your shop floor needs, The Gage Collector Pro, Part # GCP-1.

The GCP-1 is a desktop kiosk designed for the Quality Control / Gaging Operator to facilitate simple collection of measured data from digital gages on the shop floor via wired or wireless interfaces.

At a Glance the Gage Collector Pro Includes:
  • Slim Fanless Series Rugged All-in-One Touch Panel PC. 21.5″ Touch Display
  • Gagestation by Prolink (Combination license of both QC-GAGE and QC-CALC Real-Time)
  • LCD Monitor Dust Cover & Rugged Bench Top Stand
  • Add the Optional Podium for Mobility (Click here to learn more)
The Gage Collector Pro will deliver powerful analysis from user defined specifications ("Spec Plans"). These measured results automatically migrate to a real-time display where the user sets pre-determined nominal, control, and spec limits.
CDI offers multiple industry leading choices for Digital Gaging, allowing you to best collect and analyze your data with the GCP-1.
Find the Top Digital Gaging Products from the following name brands:
Solartron Metrology Mitutoyo Mahr Starrett
Solartron Metrology Mitutoyo Mahr Starrett
CDI recommends MicroRidge Systems Mobile Collect Wireless and Gageway Inferface to connect your digital gage(s) to the GCP-1.
MicroRidge Click here to learn more about MicroRidge Systems Mobile Collect Wireless gage interface products at CDI.
Contact CDI today to learn how we can assist in setting up your Desktop Data Collection Kiosk for optimal performance on your shop floor today! We want to make your transition to use the Gage Collector Pro as streamline and easy as possible. Let us pre-configure your Desktop Data Collection Kiosk and do the work for you, at no additional cost!
For More Information:
Visit: Contact: Steve Rushing
Precision Measurement Group
(303) 357-2730
About CDI Precision Measurement Group:

We are an international supplier of Gaging and Metrology Solutions, with a keen focus on Data Collection Management from the shop floor QC Department. While most suppliers out there sell you gages, tools, or probes, CDI Precision Measurement works closely with your Quality Control Team in developing solutions to help manage the data necessary for all your inspection needs.

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