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PLC Communication Controller Modules – Xingtera Teams with MegaChips

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PLC Communication Controller Modules
Xingtera Teams with MegaChips
HDPLC Module from Xingtera
HDPLC Module from Xingtera

Xingtera Inc. has teamed up with MegaChips for two production-ready boards, the MOD920 and the MOD923.

MOD920 and MOD923 modules can support multiple cables including coax (video coax or RF coax), twisted-pair (CAT3/5/5e) and DC/AC power line. The MOD920 module has an embedded self-adaption filter and communication controller, which guarantees best performance under different environments and different media. The MOD923 module supports 10/100M Ethernet and UART and simplifies the connection with different devices.

MOD920 and MOD923
are based on wavelet OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology developed by Xingtera US. They offer the unique advantages below:

  1. Use available bandwidth efficiently
  2. Very low power consumption
  3. The signal is orthogonal in both frequency domain and time domain, which provides very sharp side-band rejection. Wavelet OFDM is the only technology that can pass the Japan EMC regulation
  4. Strong anti-noise capability

Both solutions are made with MegaChips HDPLC solutions and are ready for high volume production. Other solutions for PLC include the XCA923C which is a terminal device communication on coaxial/twist pair line and compliant to IEEE P1901 standard.

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