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Knowles Capacitors: Evolution to 5G Microwave Products

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Evolution to 5G Microwave Products Catalog
from Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories)

Evolution to 5G Microwave Products CatalogThis year Knowles is excited to add components specific to 5G applications to its list of catalog part offerings. These components are solder surface mount compatible and offer extremely reliable and repeatable RF performance in a small package.

Target frequency from 22-40GHz, offering bandpass filters, 2-way & 4-way power dividers, 3dB & directional couplers, and ultra-broadband (DC-40GHz) resistive couplers.

The DLI brand specializes in high frequency passive devices offering temperature stability and small size without compromising performance.

Click here to download the Evolution to 5G Microwave Products catalog.

About Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories)
Knowles Capacitors (Dielectric Laboratories), previously Dielectric Laboratories, provides microwave and millimeter wave components using proprietary thick and thin film ceramic technologies. You can trust Knowles for all your high frequency Single-Layer Capacitor, Multi-Layer Capacitor, Resonator, Filtering, Power Combining, and custom thin film component solutions.
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Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value-added distributor of electronic components, specializing in providing RF & Microwave and Wireless Communications for simple to complex system applications. Markets served include communications, computing, industrial, medical, military and consumer electronics.
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