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Wilkinson Power Divider Part Number PDW05758 – Overview

Wilkinson Power Divider
Part number PDW05758 – Overview

Wilkinson Power DividerThe Knowles PDW05758 from DLI is a surface mount, thin film power divider employing a three section Wilkinson topology. This power divider utilizes a proprietary DLI temperature stable ceramic, low loss conductors, and integrated resistors. The device provides exceptional performance in a tiny package compatible with standard solder surface mount technology. The total package size measures 0.185 inch by 0.160 inch by 0.020 inch (4.7 mm by 4.06 mm by 0.5 mm). The power divider features excellent return loss on all ports as well as isolation between output ports. Return loss is typically better than 20dB and isolation is typically better than 25dB from 6GHz to 18GHz. The PDW05758 has a worst case excess loss of 0.7dB at 18GHz, over that of the nominal power split of 3.01dB. The nominal phase balance is 0 degrees. Typical measured S-parameters are plotted in Figure 2.

Excellent phase and amplitude balance is inherent to the PDW05758 due to the superior precision of the photolithography processes used to manufacture the device. Amplitude balance is ± 0.025 dB maximum and phase balance is ± 3.0 degrees maximum.

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