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TruPosition Gages at CDI

TruPosition at CDI
TruPosition™ Gages at CDI

CDI Precision Measurement and the TruPosition team over at Component Engineering combine to offer the total solution approach to TruPosition™ Metrology and Data Collection.

For all you Solartron Orbit 3 Integrators and Users, we are very excited to show you how well the TruPosition™ Probes will interface with the industry leading Orbit3 Digital Gage Probe.

TP109 TruPosition™ Probe Orbit3 Digital Gage Probe
Wireless Data Collection is a “Snap” with the MicroRidge Mobile Collect Transmitter / Receiver System and our
TruPosition™ Digital Probes.
TP102 Tru Position Probe Wireless Data Collection
TruPosition TP102 MicroRidge Mobile Collect
Need a PC Based Touchscreen to manage and monitor
TruPosition Data? Look no further.
The CDI Data Collection Kiosk is finally here!
CDI Data Collection Kiosk is finally here!
“Never before has gathering variable data on a hole location been so simple”. Click here to learn more
about Tru
Position Probes
The Best Solution We've Seen In CMM For Accuracy And Data Capture of Variable Dual Axis
TruPosition™ Probes are In Stock Today at CDI
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About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value-added distributor of Precision Gaging and Metrology Solutions, and Position Feedback Sensors. CDI distributes globally and provides local application support and customer service across the Americas.
About TruPosition™ / Component Engineering
TruPosition™ is a product of
Component Engineering
For meticulous measurements where both speed and accuracy are critical, Component Engineering supplies a comprehensive line of gages and fixtures. Our leading product, the TruPosition™ Probe, gives you fast, easy and intuitive measurements that you can customize based on your needs. The TruPosition Probe, with our 3rd Axis Probe, probe blocks, SPC triggers, indicator adapter and many other accessories, allows you to measure hole positions and surface data quickly and intuitively, even in hard-to-reach areas.
About MicroRidge
MicroRidge Systems offers a full-line of measurement collection products for Quality/SPC programs and statistical analysis, allowing users to transmit gaging device values in real-time, with 100% accuracy, with the press of a button. MicroRidge products are “brand neutral”, able to transmit measurement values from any gaging device with supported SPC output into any software program, from spreadsheets to cloud-based applications.
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