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Mitutoyo PH-A14 (172-810-10A) Profile Projector In Stock Right Now at CDI!

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Mitutoyo PH-A14 (172-810-10A) Profile Projector
in Stock Right Now at CDI!
Mitutoyo PH-A14 (172-810-10A) Profile Projector
In Stock Right Now at CDI!
Buy Now at the lowest price in the industry! $5200.00
The Brand New 2D Touchscreen Featuring M2 Optical Measuring Software

And.. Just Released… The Brand New 2D Touchscreen Featuring M2 Optical Measuring Software. Just add part# 64PKA156 or 64PKA157 (with Edge Detection).

Adding the 64PKA156 or 64PKA157 includes
by the Mitutoyo Factory Professionals!!

Also available are the KA Counter and the QM Data
QM Data 264-156A

QM Data 264-156AThe QM-Data200 is a geometric readouts/analysis unit for optical instruments like a profile projectors. This features powerful 2-D coordinate measurement capabilities with unmatched simple key operation. The QM-Data200 improves operator productivity, minimizes errors and save a total measurement time and production cost.

  • Various graphic displays on the large colored LCD screen for easy measurement operations.
  • One-key operation for combined measurements that are often used (circle-circle distance, etc.)
  • The AI measurement function (automatic identification of measuring item) eliminates switching between the measurement command keys.
  • Equipped with the measurement procedure teaching function and the measuring position navigation in Repeat mode.
  • The user menu function allows user to register measurement commands or part programs to create his/her own menu.
  • Tolerance zone measurement of data processing result and various statistical processing for each item are available.
  • Measurement result output to ”MS- Excel” in spreadsheet (CSV) format.
  • The measurement procedure and measurement result can be saved, using the usb drive.
KA Counter 174-183A
  • KA Counter 174-183AHigh performance, low cost 2 & 3 axis counter
  • Absolute and incremental modes (10 presets each)
  • Non-linear and linear error compensation
  • Adjustable high-brightness, high-refresh rate LED displays
  • Calculator function
  • Outputs data into spreadsheets (optional USB card)
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