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KCB Solutions Launches its New Website!

KCB Solutions | CDI
KCB Solutions Launches its New Website!

KCB Solutions, a leading supplier of high-reliability RF and microwave devices, has announced the debut of its new website.

According to KCB, the new website is designed to provide the ultimate intuitive experience for both RF engineers, buyers, and OEM partners alike — through improved product content and enhanced functionality.

The newly designed and user-friendly Product Catalog highlights our offered switches, amplifiers, and attenuators products for Defense and Space applications. Hi Power Pin Switches, GaAs Fet Switches, LANs, Power Amps and GaN Transistors are featured in Control and Amplifier Products section of the Catalog.

“Consistent with our mission to be the ‘Highest Standard in RF’, KCB is singularly focused on delivering the highest standards of innovation, performance, and quality to our customers in the hi-rel RF world – and our new website reflects that commitment” said Mr. Nilsson, President.

For more information on KCB Solutions, please visit:

About KCB Solutions
KCB Solutions supplies RF and microwave surface mount components for high reliability/high performance applications within the Avionics, Satellite and Defense industry.
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