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Total Solution Approach to Metrology and Data Collection with TruPosition Products at CDI

TruPosition at CDI
Take a Total Solution Approach to Metrology and Data Collection
with TruPosition Products at CDI

CDI Precision Measurement and TruPosition have combined efforts to offer a total solution approach to metrology and data collection. Never has gathering variable data on a hole location been so simple.

TruPosition Probes
Digital TruPosition Probes can be used for multiple hole-location checks with a single probe. Dual LCD displays are integrated directly into the handle. Some models have wireless data transfer capability, and some are LVDT probes. We also have 3rd Axis Probes, compatible with probe blocks. TruPosition Probes
Probe Fixture Blocks
TruPosition probe blocks are aluminum with .002’’ hard-coat surface and feature an orientation ring with A and B axis easily marked. Blocks can be mounted on or through base, riser block, angle plate swing template, hinge drop, and more. Probe Fixture Blocks
Set Masters
TruPosition Set Masters are used to preset indicators to a nominal offset. Set Masters come in 3 sizes: 31mm, 50mm, 55mm. Set Masters
SPC Triggers
Collecting variable surface data in hard to reach locations just got a lot easier with our line of TruPosition, SPC Trigger assemblies. Simply insert your preset indicator into the bushing to gather quick and reliable data. SPC Triggers come in multiple variations, left hand and right hand. SPC Triggers
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About Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value-added distributor of Precision Gaging and Metrology Solutions, and Position Feedback Sensors. CDI distributes globally and provides local application support and customer service across the Americas.
About TruPosition / Component Engineering
TruPosition™ is a product of
Component Engineering
For meticulous measurements where both speed and accuracy are critical, Component Engineering supplies a comprehensive line of gages and fixtures. Our leading product, the TruPosition Probe, gives you fast, easy and intuitive measurements that you can customize based on your needs. The TruPosition Probe, with our 3rd Axis Probe, probe blocks, SPC triggers, indicator adapter and many other accessories, allows you to measure hole positions and surface data quickly and intuitively, even in hard-to-reach areas.
Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)
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