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NPX Product End of Life (EOL)

NovaSensor, a Division of Amphenol Advances Sensors (AAS)
NPX Product End of Life (EOL)

Subject: NPX Product End of Life (EOL)
From: Robert Burgess
Date: 7/27/18

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to notify you that Amphenol Advanced Sensors has been given an Allocated EOL (end of life) notification by our ASIC supplier for a critical component used in this product. Our supplier has stated they will accept orders until August 24, 2018. Therefore, we are notifying all of our customers that use this product today to make any last time purchases on or before that date.

At this time, Amphenol is not planning any replacement type product in the future. However, should this change we will share details when they become available.

Listed below are the part numbers affected by this notification.

  • NPX-C01746
  • NPX-C01799
  • NPX-SPI-451T(AIC)
  • NPX-C01758
  • NPX-C02000
  • NPX-SPI-701
  • NPX-C01760
  • NPX-C02008(AIC)
  • NPX-SPI-701(AIC)
  • NPX-C01767
  • NPX-SPI-142
  • NPX-SPI-701T
  • NPX-C01767(AIC)
  • NPX-SPI-142(AIC)
  • NPX-SPI-701T(AIC)
  • NPX-C01768
  • NPX-SPI-142T
  • NPX-C01768(AIC)
  • NPX-SPI-142T(AIC)
  • NPX-C01769
  • NPX-SPI-451
  • NPX-C01769(AIC)
  • NPX-SPI-451(AIC)
  • NPX-C01798
  • NPX-SPI-451T

Amphenol apologizes for the hardship resulting from this notification. If you have further questions please contact your Amphenol Sales Engineer or either of us listed below:

Thank you,

Robert Burgess
Product Line Manager
01+ (510) 661-6027

Roland Lee
Applications Specialist
01+ (510) 661-6152

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